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NEW Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act
sets standards for pool / spa drain covers.

See your pool professional for new mandatory main drain covers,
anti-entrapment devices, & safety vacuum release systems
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Also, read the U.S. Consumer Product
Safety Commission
guidelines at:

APSP sponsors a special website,, dedicated to
educating children and supervising
adults about pool and hot tub safety.
It’s an entertaining and educational site
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Federal Law
Now in Effect !
Entrapment Brochure
Know How to be Safe !
On December 19, 2007, the President signed into law the Virginia Graeme Baker
Pool & Spa Safety Act
, named after the daughter of Nancy Baker and the
granddaughter of former Secretary of State James Baker.  
Graeme Baker died in a tragic
incident in June 2002 after the suction from a spa drain entrapped her under the water.

The Act requires that all public swimming pools & spas be equipped with anti-entrapment
drain covers that comply with
ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 Standard by December 19,
2008.  Additionally, in certain instances, public pools and spas must have additional
devices or systems designed to prevent suction entrapment if the pool operates off a
Single main drain; and ensure that dual or multiple drains are at least 3 feet apart.
Further regulations below.

The new law is aimed at reducing deaths and injuries by making pools safer, securing the
environment around them, and educating consumers and the industry on pool safety.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is the primary regulatory agency for
the Act and your local Health Department / Code Inspector will be enforcing the
Standards of the Act.

All new in-ground and above ground pools & spas (commercial & residential) must also
install a Pool Alarm that  is Code Compliant, code compliant fencing/barrier with a
self-latching gate; in addition to meeting all Standards of the Act and all Entrapment
Protection Requirements.
Don Haynes
Don's Pool Service
The VGB Pool & Spa Safety Act Regulations require that all
commercial pools and spas with a
single main drain must be equipped
with an Anti-Entrapment drain cover, and at least one of the following
devices / systems by December 19, 2008:

  • An Anti-entrapment drain cover that conforms with the Standard and
  • A Safety Vacuum Release System
  • A Drain Gate that is 12" x 12" or larger
  • A Suction Limiting Vent System
  • A Channel Drain System or A Gravity Drainage System approved by
    local code
  • An Automatic Pump Shut-off System
  • Suction outlets must be separated by a minimum horizontal or
    vertical distance of three (3) feet.
  • These suction outlets must be piped so that water is drawn though
    them simultaneously through a vacuum relief-protected line to the
    pump or pumps.
  • If the pool or spa is equipped with a side wall suction line (vacuum or
    pressure) for cleaning the pool by inserting a vacuum hose; it must
    be located in an accessible position at least six (6) inches and not
    greater than twelve (12) inches below the water level, or
  • The suction line must be located as an attachment to the skimmer

Based on the above guidelines, Don's Pool Service is recommending
that you:
  • Install the anti-entrapment drain cover that complies with the
    ASME/ANSI A112.19.8-2007 Standard
  • Install a Safety Vacuum Release System to address all suctions used
    for draining and incorporated into the pools water circulation system
    and spa jet systems.
  • Install a Pool Alarm and Safety Gate/Door Alarm.
  • Contact your local Code Inspector for a compliance inspection.

We are happy to answer your questions.  We carry compliant Main Drain
Covers, anti-entrapment devices / systems, & safety vacuum release
systems.  We service pools to add these products to help you meet

This information is a considered a public service announcement and in no
way should be construed as or considered legal advice.