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About Us
About Us - Don Haynes  - Open Mon - Sat   7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Who I Am:
I'm Don.  I've been in the pool industry for
25 years, & I bring that level of expertise
here.  I believe in old-fashioned value,
quality, and customer service.  And I
maintain a solid work ethic.
What I Do:
Don...Owner of Don's Pool
Service.   Pool Tech, Sales,
Service,  Maintenance & Repair,
Keeping everything
Crystal Clear,
including customer service
Ready for Water ... Smooth
as Silk and Wrinkle Free
Beautiful circular walk-in
steps...aren't they inviting?
Me ... Installing Liner
Lock on a new Liner.
Look for our Service
Vehicle in
Your Area.
Me...tearing out wall to
replace with a new pool wall.
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I provide local services to maintain
swimming pools and spas at their peak level.  
I offer a variety of services such as openings
and closings, and weekly pool maintenance.  
I can repair and/or replace pool equipment.  
Please see the Services page for more details.

Some of you already know me from the past
service you received from me in the


Customer Service, to me, means meeting
people, forming lasting relationships, and
maintaining those service needs & wants
the duration - over time;
not just for the
one-time sale
.  You're my neighbors and my
community.  I don't do well if you're not
Success (yours and mine) depends
on our relationship

Remember, at
Don's Pool Service,
Service is our First Priority & our Last Name !

You won't have to drive to a store.
Let Me Come to You.
Don...Getting the Pool filled
after a Liner Replacement
Pool Products Available
Just Ask !
If it's Pool Related,
We Can Get It.